Something For Me

After cleaning my closet of things I really do not wear or will probably never wear (of course, I’ve kept pieces that I can restyle and re-purpose); I decided that I needed some pieces for summer.

I have a bountiful fabric stash mostly from friends, estate and garage sales, and freecycle.  (Check out in your community).

My eye was drawn to a beautiful printed pink fabric with tiny colorful squares and a white cotton with imprinted flowers.  I was thinking of making a skirt from the white cotton, but later chose to make bermuda shorts.



The other fabric that drew me, was a smoked gray lightweight knit.  I decided to make a halter top and elastic waist pants.  It came out wonderfully!

I also have a beautiful green fabric that I would like to make a 50s style dress with a bountiful hot pink mesh fabric flower to pin to the front.  That’s my work-in-progress and will reveal later.



2 responses to “Something For Me

  1. Wow, you look so cool and comfortable. I will have to make a summer top now!

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