Finding the right fabric for a sewing pattern (or vice versa) is like a marriage.  They have to be compatible or it will not work!

A new and good friend sent these lovely fabrics to me!  This is special to me and I have to find THE right pattern to do these beautiful fabrics justice!

Please go and visit Louise Sleigh at Catwalk Threads who sent these fabrics and has gorgeous vintage items!




I’ve been in search of the right pattern mate  for some weeks now.  While thumbing through a mag…


…THE right pattern mate!  Isn’t this top cute?!  Nice and flow-y, comfortable and stylish.  It’s a version of a peasant blouse; elastic at the neck and shoulders.  I will do short sleeves and tweak-it to make it my own.


Above are some fabrics I purchased that need ‘match-making’.  The print is semi-sheer and I’m thinking of a 60’s full skirt for the green fabric.  What do you think?  What would be a perfect pattern mate for these fabrics?


One response to “Match-Making

  1. So pleased you love the fabrics! If I come across more I know where to send them! Looking forward to seeing what you create. Big love from across the Pond! oxoxo

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