Summer Pattern Picks


This week, I visited my favorite local thrift store for inspiration.  I have always loved thrift stores and would frequent them with my grandmother when I was a little girl.  There are just so many ‘finds’ and the thrill for me is going through each and every inch of the store!

This particular day, I went to find play clothes for my daughter and of course, looking for clothing and linen to recycle and upcycle.  I also needed a used hand mixer for making lotions and hair products.  Any hoot, they were cleaning out and re-organizing their craft section and I found some wonderful vintage patterns.  These patterns will have to be altered to fit; but they are gorgeous!


I simply love the white blouse with a front tie on the above pattern (McCalls 1961).  I also like the yellow front tie blouse!


Of course, I love the full skirt on this pattern!  (Simplicity 1959)


And, the yellow skirt in the middle is cute!  (Simplicity 1975)

I was able to get 6 patterns (including these three) for .69 cents.  Great Buy!  I will have fun going through my fabric stash to sew these cute pieces!

This next pattern was so, so, cute and the choices of fabrics on the pic are something I would do…it is totally ‘funked out’!  I purchased this Lila Tueller pattern from Sweet Dream Designs on Etsy.  Isn’t it cute?!


I have some cute scrap fabrics that I will use for this one!

Needless to say, I will have great fun working on these pieces for my summer wardrobe!  Happy Sewing!



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