Holiday Cheer!

I put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, as always…but, I was not in the “Holiday Cheer”.

One day last week, this put a ‘spark’ in my cheerfulness!

This was delivered from Santa and made me smile!  This is machine 1 of 2 from Santa.  The name on it is Eau Claire (as in, the name of a place in Wisconsin).  I’ve been researching…haven’t found anything.  If you know something about this machine and leave a comment, I would be much appreciated!  However, I was thinking of gifting this machine to my niece after I give it a good cleaning and oiling.  It runs perfectly!  Machine 2 of 2 has not arrived yet,  it is a Frister & Rossmann hand crank.  I’m so excited!  Santa LOVES me!

Needless to say, my Holiday Cheer has arrived!  I completed ALL of the handmade gifts to teachers and staff at my childrens’ schools, and ALL of the gifts for my sister.  You can see the photos of some of the coin purses and cup cozies with matching mug rugs on Flickr.



2 responses to “Holiday Cheer!

  1. Nice work on your sewing projects.

    Did the kitten get into the tree on its own? Very funny photo.

  2. Thanks!
    LOL! Yes, she did! She likes to ‘get away’ and will sit there for a while! Her sister (my other cat) likes to drink coffee. I have to keep a close eye on my cuppa in the morning!

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