First Project for the New Year…A WIP!

I’ve been sewing for a long time, but I just learned this year to quilt and free-motion.  It’s as addictive as my enjoyment for vintage sewing machines, vintage sewing patterns, fabric and vintage sewing notions, etc.!

My first project for 2010 is a Spring Log Cabin Quilt which displays my love of vibrant colors and patterns!

I’ve assembled all of the blocks and I need to add sashing.  I think I will use white cotton for stashing; a solid color for backing (maybe, lemon); and, figure out what fab to use for the binding.

I read a tip from a reader in American Patchwork & Quilting, June 2008, “attack the stack”, …after finishing a quilt (or, any sewing project), instead of adding the leftover fabrics to the stash; cut it into strips and store in a strip box.  When box is full, it’s time to make a quilt.  Donate quilt to a local charity.

So, this is how this quilt came about.  From leftover fabrics from other sewing projects.  Don’t know yet, who will be blessed with this quilt.

Stay tuned…to see it finished!



One response to “First Project for the New Year…A WIP!

  1. It is very colorful.

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