1st Patchwork for Alyssa

I have been teaching my 6 year-old daughter, Alyssa to sew!

She started off on a Morse and New Home electric sewing machines.  However, when I purchased a handcrank and she tried it out…she LOVEd it!  I would have to say that it is the best machine to teach (especially young ones) sewing.

We’ve been quite busy in our household this past week.  Besides, getting things ready for Christmas, my oldest daughter has given birth to her first and our first grandbaby!

THE best Christmas present…Gabriel!

So, today was a “Mommi & Me Day” for my 6-year old and myself!  Alyssa wanted to work on the handcrank for this project.  Her first patchwork piece…a pillowcase!

She knows to iron all of her seams flat.

She did an excellent job!  And, she’s (and, I) are very proud of how her patchwork pillowcase turned out!

Very good, baby girl!



2 responses to “1st Patchwork for Alyssa

  1. Mpressive Threadz

    Never to young to learn to sew! Great pillowcase!

  2. How wonderful to see you sewing with your daughter! She did great! 🙂

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