A Week(end) in Review

After the cold snap here in Florida, Friday turned out to be a beautiful day!  We hit the 80s.  So the kids, myself and the grandbaby had to get out and enjoy!

Here’s my Charlie taking a break from the swings and slides.

My two oldest daughters.   My 16-year old (in black tee and denim)  is teaching her sister (the 23 year old, in peach top and a new mother) how to ride the ‘Ripstick’!  WOW!  I even got in on that!

…and the baby enjoyed his stroller ride in the sunshine!

The baby girl, did not want to leave the swings.  And, we all miss Dad when he’s working out-of-town and we go to the lakefront to hang out!

Now, Saturday was MY day!  Good company, Good conversation, Good food and of course, Good sewing at my Sewing Meetups!  I was also able to complete my quiltalong blocks and some sashing!

Willa, our Fabulous Organizer of the Sew Meetups contemplating her next move on her project!

A beautiful quilt done by one of our members, Marilee!  Lovely!  Oh, and that cute little machine sitting in the pic, is one of my dream machines!  I want a Featherweight!

Mercedes working on her pattern and Heather working on hand-stitching!

Marilee working on paper piecing and Nanette working on her quilt blocks.   And, Peggy (on the end) focused and finishing her quilt (which she did, and started another)!  She’s an inspiration and encouraging!  Peggy taught me quilting and free-motion.  She was also the person who had given me my first treadle and taught me how to treadle!  Peggy’s pretty amazing, huh!  A wonderful person!  (Hey, did you notice all of the ladies to the left of me had Featherweights?)

So, to say the least I had a Fabulous week(end)!



2 responses to “A Week(end) in Review

  1. What lovely weather! It is raining here right now. Your new grandbaby is precious!! It is great to enjoy family and friends 😉 Theresa

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