Ever-Changing Plans

Hello All!

It’s been a while since my last post.   As always, I am so busy with ‘everyday’ and my craft love!

I’ve been sewing and knitting items for my Etsy shop, family and friends!

Well, I bought a knitting loom at the local thrift store some time ago.  Well, I pulled it out  and gave it a ‘test’ run.  Can I say, that I’m addicted?!  Here is the fruit of my labor!

I love these neckwarmers!  They were fairly quick to make (quicker than hand knitting) and they are so cute!  You can wear them in the winter or in the spring/summer, and even at the beach!

I converted a Singer 99K that was destined to the landfill, into a hand crank for my 7 yo daughter!  She and I are both pleased!  I can have MY Singer 128 hand crank back and now, she has her own!

I am currently working on…  A hexagon quilt (my first attempt at this type of quilt); a center quilt block for a Round Robin I joined; an art bra; a quilt for a friend’s new baby; a quilt for my cousin’s baby (arrival in October?); and, various knitting items.  Not to mention, cute retro outfits for myself and baby daughter.  I’m thinking of teaching my baby girl how to make a garment this time!  Should be fun…she’s a quick study!

Stay tuned…I promise, I’ll return with more updates and ‘ever-changing’ plans!



One response to “Ever-Changing Plans

  1. Your neck warmers are beautiful! Great colors.

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