What’s Happening?

…to answer the question,

now a full time babysitter for my 4-month old grandson;

(pooped from my birthday party)

working on a center block for a Round Robin;

(I have another border to add, then I’m done!

This is my first Round Robin and, I’ve only been quilting for a year!)

and, I’m currently working on a hexagon quilt!

(96 strips sewn together by twos; making 48 pairs of strips.  Whew…done!

Now, I am starting to cut these into 60 degree, 4.5″  triangles!

This pattern is from a McCall’s Quilting magazine, dated 2008)

Now, I have a question for you.  This fabric is a find; 3 yds for $6 and vintage 70s stretchy nylon!

Photo does not do the colours justice in this fabric.  The orange and yellow is SO very vibrant!

Should I make a cute vintage halter and pants outfit for my 7 year-old using this fabric?

Or, is it too much for me (at my age)?  If not, how about these patterns with that fabric for me?

What do you think?  Really!


2 responses to “What’s Happening?

  1. Eeek! Decisions, decisions! Your grandson is adorable but my question to you IS – how do you find time to do all your quilting (amazing work by the way) and be a full time carer for your grandson?

    I’m going to call you Super Woman from now on! There’s nothing else for it. 🙂

    As for what to do with the fabric. I think you deserve a treat so use the fabric to make something lovely for yourself. I bet you’ll end up making something cute for your 7 year old though.

    Love and hugs whatever you decide! 🙂 oxoxo

  2. girl you how to sew

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