Upcycled Knitting Needle Case

Image…and, quick to make using a cut-off jean leg and a fat quarter or stash fabric!

After I determined my size of case, I cut off the hem and cut open the inside leg seam to have a piece measuring 16″w x 19″ l. My stash fabric was not long enough, but more than wide enough. So I cut two pieces same width and sewed together (to have the right length), making one whole piece 16″ x 19″. Also, had enough to make 2 ties 1.75″ wide by 16″ long. Or, use ribbon.

Ties: with RST (right sides together), fold ties in half lengthwise; stitch long edge. Turn ties RS out and press.

Case: with RS lining fabric to denim RS (sandwiching the ties in between mid-way on side of case), pin all around leaving a 5″ opening at top. Stitch. Cut corners diagonally. Turn case RS out and press. Fold over opening and press; then stitch close.

After measuring size needles for this case, fold bottom up to form a pocket; press and stitch. Then mark your needle pocket sizes across and bottom-to-top. Stitch. This will give your case a quilted look!

And, you’re done!



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