BSWS Shorts/Pant-Per-Day

BSWS = Building Summer Wardrobe Series.

I literally do not have anything in my closet other than, polos (which I hate) for work, and 1 pair of jeans and some random tees and tops that didn’t fit due to me getting a little “fluffier”! Well, due to some dedication to myself, the “fluff” is beginning to melt and the driving incentive was to sew a wardrobe for myself!

To kick-off this series, I used a fave pattern of mine! McCall’s 3992 has five lengths from shorts to pants fitted and tapered with front and back darts, and a zipper back. This pattern comes together rather quickly! All fabric was gifted and/or from my stash!

I cut out 4 pairs…shorts in white denim, thigh-length shorts in hot pink, and 2 pairs of petal pushers one in orange and another in shiny denim. I have a really cute vintage blouse pattern for the denim pant. I ran out of fabric for a waistband on both pairs of shorts and used a printed canvas scrap. And yes, I hand baste my zippers before machine sewing them!

So, for the next couple of days I will do all handiwork; slip-stitching the waistbands and hemming!

Until next time…Happy Sewing!








2 responses to “BSWS Shorts/Pant-Per-Day

  1. My fav pants pattern, too! Yours look great.

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