Not for Hire, Summer Wardrobe and Updates

I love to sew and always have (bad grammar, I know)! I never wanted to feel, like something that I love to do become a burden! And, that’s what happened! No more custom sewing-for-hire, for me! I will continue to custom sew for my family and close friends (who are like fam), and of course, myself. I still plan to keep my Etsy shop and work some local craft shows/markets!

That being said, I have been taking my time with my projects, enjoying them as I go! I am currently working on my second blouse for my summer wardrobe. I’ve had this fabric for at least four years and this was the right pattern for this right time! I am hand-stitching the buttonholes on the back of the blouse and, selected these vintage buttons that came with a previous Mollie Makes magazine issue I purchased! I think they’re perfect, don’t you?

Also, I did promise to show you a pic of hubby stylin’ in his birthday shirt I made! He loves it and wore today on our date!

My dear hubby and I spent our ‘Date Day’ at a local thrift store and had lunch! We both found some amazing things! I’ll show later in another post, an alteration and refashion of 2 items I purchased.

Thanks for letting me share my experience with you all!

Happy Sewing!







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