Visit to The Sewing Studio, a local fabric and sewing shoppe today! Vogue pattern clearance $3.99. I found a sloper pattern and was a happy girl!

I browsed around at the sewing machines, they mainly carry BabyLock brand. As I was enjoying my visit, one of the ladies asked if I’d seen the new beaded fabric that just arrived? Of course, she laid it across the table for me to get a better look at it…beautiful!!! They (the shoppe) have two big sales events per year (4th of July and New Year’s Day) and that’s when I’ll purchase (for myself) some beaded and beautiful fabric!

Okay, my recycle project is from-bed sheet-to-peasant top. Peasant tops are an attractive style on me, but, the empire waist never falls where it is supposed to. So, I drafted a pattern for myself and it was perfect, along with my blue with white polka-dot bed sheet! I also made slim stretch denim pants to complete an ensemble .

Update on the bag I’m knitting, Green Living Tote a free pattern from Lion Brand. The yarn I started with (Martha Stewart cotton hemp) is discontinued, so to complete I’m using a slightly lighter color and it is a cotton blend. Albeit, this bag feels and is looking good! I’ll show the completed bag when finished!

Now, onto sewing a dress…










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