Shorty Marlene’s

I finished my Marlene trousers turned shorts! They are lovely…I like!


First, I was able to go down a size (and, maybe 2 sizes for next time)! Yay, me! Then, I cut 10″ from the crotch for my desired length and hemmed up 1.5″. The hip yoke pockets were a bit of a fuss, but I ‘werked’ it! These trousers were a pretty easy sew and put together with a thin wale corduroy in wine from my stash. Love the buttons! They were in my stash, as well.



I had the sew bug on Christmas Eve! I stayed up til 4 am finishing my shorts and then, decided to sew-up this knit tee with recycled sleeves and knit collarband. (Sorry for the blur). A local store was going to throw out some kid size Hanes white tees that had marker markings from packaging. I asked if I could purchase them for a small fee, but they were nice to gift them to me; from which I cut the sleeves and collarband for my tee. However, this is not The planned blouse I’m going to sew-up to partner with these cute shorts! I’m working on it.



Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! HAPPY SEWING!!!


2 responses to “Shorty Marlene’s

  1. Gorgeous! Happy New Year! xxx

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