Stash Diet: 2014

I have a been a “good steward” for about a year now! I have been utilizing my stash and if I needed something to add to project, my friends and I shopped from each other’s stash! I also thrifty shop and repurpose draperies, sheets, etc. Within the year, I have made maybe 2 fabric purchases, including a major New Year’s Day Sale at a local fabric shop! I think I will join in and continue my Stash Diet!

Rue des Renards

Stash-Diet-BadgeWhen I mentioned in my end-of-the-year roundup post that I wanted to stop amassing fabric, Andrea of Stitch Parade was kind enough to let me know that she and her friend Gail of Today’s Agenda were hosting a challenge called Stash Diet: 2014 whose aim is, as is pretty clear by the name, to buy less fabric and use fabric from your stash instead.

I immediately jumped at the chance and joined Stash Diet: 2014 as I felt sharing with more people in the same situation would be of great help in attaining my goal. Everyone has to lay down their own rules, so here are mine, well here is mine, which is pretty simple:

I am allowed to buy one piece of fabric every five projects that use fabric from my stash.

This excludes: lining, interfacing and other notions needed for the projects. If a project absolutely requires a…

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2 responses to “Stash Diet: 2014

  1. Wishing you a very slim, productive New Year! x

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