A Few Things…

Let me first give a shout to my dear daddy, “Happy Birthday, Daddy…I love you”!



Well, I finally completed my floral blouse! Yayyy! Truthfully, I should’ve finished it the day before New Year’s Eve. All I needed to do was make buttonholes and sew on buttons. I love this pattern, a vintage (c. 1961) Vogue. I made a muslin of the pattern about a year ago and it fits me well! I have sewn it a couple of times, which makes construction pretty easy and quick for me! The fabric is from my stash and I had enough to interline it – I didn’t have any other sewing plans to use it! I think the next time I sew this pattern, I will insert a zipper in the back instead of buttons (mental note).


Speaking of fabric stashes, back in Spring 2013, I decided to be a good steward (re: excessive fabric purchases) including being Eco-ethically responsible! So, I sew my projects utilizing the fabrics from my stash, from my sewing sisters stashes, and textiles from thrifting. During 2013, I’ve made 4 fabric purchases! (Oh, that’s my grandson in the pic).


That’s my word for 2014!
Reasoning for choice = 1) I will be Fabulously 50 this April; and, 2) I’ve had major life changes within the past three years. These chapters in My Life’s Story have been a marriage separation (that has been fully restored); losing our home and my job, near homelessness, living in a hotel (now, we have a better home – upgraded); and the worst heartbreak EVER was the death of my stepson (I hate that word “step”), he was my son whom had an asthma attack that resulted in repeated cardiac arrests, he was only 28 years old. Our family is enveloped in God’s love continually and my son will never be forgotten!

We all have a purpose in our lifetime and no matter what gets thrown (literally) at us, we are to move through the pain, frustration, and disappointments! We’re not to live there! So here’s what my Father’s Word has for me in correlation to “reinvent” (Isaiah 40:27-31; Psalm 103:3-5; 2 Corinthians 4:13; Ephesians 4:23).



2 responses to “A Few Things…

  1. The perfect word. You are made of strong stuff – perfectly interlined – to remain so sane through all of that. Here’s to love, life..and your gorgeous grandson xxxxx

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