Pastille Dress, Deux

Everything’s coming up flowers! See!


I’m really not fond of facings, so I lined the bodice in this almost neon green…LOL! I LOVE color!

Oh, check out her hem lace!

I might add a waist stay, but in the meantime I will be wearing her, like tomorrow maybe!

All fabric was used from my stash! So, by the big local fabric store sale in July I’ll be able to stock up nicely! And, also adding to my commitment of (at least) a year of ethical fashion, my thrift overhaul of 6 pants, 2 tops and shoes ALL for a whopping $28!


If you’d like to check out what is a year of ethical fashion, slide on over to here!

Peace, Love, Happy Sewing!


3 responses to “Pastille Dress, Deux

  1. Very nice seam finishing!

  2. Love the color and the style of that dress. And, what a great thrift haul!

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