Sunshiny and Other Stuff

Hello World!

Lots going on in my world…dentists, prom dresses, flu symptoms in my household AND we’re spreading the love amongst ourselves!

On another note, I’d finally got over my sewing slump and sewed up a bright yellow, sunshiny knit tee from a self-drafted pattern in one day!

I lowered the neckline a bit, approximately 1.5 inches and, I extended the bottom 4 inches to cover some tummy bulge (while I work on that)! However, look at the neckband…fail! Hmmmm, should it have been a bit smaller to lay flat?

Check out this vintage book I picked up for a smile!

This book is a great reference on sewing knits with a regular sewing machine (no serger included)! Now, check out the introduction page by Dr. Joyce Brothers…

Sewing IS one of my creative outlets and with all of my creative endeavors, I have a great satisfaction and a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I bring a project to completion!

What’s your thoughts on Dr. Brothers’ statement?

On another, another note, throughout the year I will also destash sewing patterns and other stuff! This goes along with my year of ethical fashion and the Stash Diet I’m participating! If you like to receive this pattern, follow this blog, if you already follow, let me know. On Friday, afternoon I will pull a name out of my hat and announce the winner! This is for shipping in U.S. only! (I’m sorry all of my sewing sisters across the pond)! ;(





2 responses to “Sunshiny and Other Stuff

  1. Hello butterfly!….So to get a neckband to lay flat it’s actually smaller than the neckline measurement. eg. If your neckline has a 12 inch opening then your neck band might be about 10 inches. The key is to stretch the neckband slightly as you stitch without stretching the neckline of the top itself. I learnt this after I made quite a few t-shirts. I still wear them though because I made them!

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