I’ve been a busy girl! Besides seeing after my familia and checking up on friends; I have gotten sewing in! I’ve been working on a prom dress! (I’ll reveal in a later post).

I have started alterations and finishing on some of my creations that have been hanging in the back of my closet. Such as: I needed to catch-stitch the neck facing on my Vintage Vogue 5211 blouse. And,

…these navy/white polka dot capri pants I purchased from the local thrift shop (still had the tags on them). They are 2 sizes too big.

I plan to deconstruct, then reconstruct the pants and two of my previous dresses; 1) red/black/white circles dress and my Caribbean blue batik Pastille dress! I’ve lost some weight and this girl has no hips at all and I’m only 5 feet tall (or, short; depending how you look at it) so I’ll have to straighten the skirt parts and raise the hems.

My most recent sew is my Taffy Blouse!

I am adding my bias binding to the neck…wish me well!

What alterations and/or finishes are you (or, planning) to work on? Until next time…


4 responses to “Lately…

  1. My projects are mostly from scratch, brand new, but I do have a skirt that I love that needs a bigger waistband, so I have that in the pile too. It is just too beautiful a design, I just can’t get rid of it!

  2. If you get the chance, check out You Tube for a programme on here on the BBC called the Sewing Bee..a)I think it would be right up your street and b) one of their challenges was a 1940’s blouse..also gorgeous! xxx

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