Dresses, A Retreat, Random Stuff

K and her mom inquired about wanting a prom dress made – theme was Alice in Wonderland! What fun! K found and purchased a knit fabric she loved for her corset. Yikes! I made it work and used a fusible stabilizer on the fabric; then underlined it with a medium weight fabric. I fully lined the corset with a black medium weight fabric. The corset turned out fabulous and was paired with a black and white layered tutu! I made the tutu using a crocheted headband and about 14-16 yards of tulle, each color, of which I had to cut 6″ wide strips of all the tulle! The place where I purchased did not have the tulle on a spool).

K’s mom said she loved her dress – still, after prom was over! I’m happy I could do that for a nice young lady! K wants to learn how to sew and her mom wants a t-shirt quilt! So, I’ll be hanging out with them soon!

My current project is a wedding dress for a friend’s daughter. I am also looking for employment! I’ll share more about the dress later! I have lots of personal sewing I would like to work on; but, I definitely needed to finish some donation quilts for my guild – that’s where my sewing retreat came in! Well, a friend of mine invited me to their beach condo for a combo birthday (hers and mine) and sewing retreat! I had a blast – the beach, girl-time, sew-in, and a trip to a local quilt shop! And, was able to piece a couple of quilts, too!


Beautiful Cocoa Beach! Whenever I visit Cocoa, I think of “I Dream of Jeannie”. This is where Major Nelson found Jeannie! (I think my age is showing). ;D

Oh, look what they caught in the pond behind our place! He was a big boy – 7-foot gator! I wondered why I hadn’t seen any ducks?!

And, it’s day one of Me-Made-May-’14 and here’s my pair of cord shorts from a Burda pants pattern! (Thanks Hubz for the pic while I was “expressing” myself to you).

Ok, getting back to sewing and life!
Until we chat again,



2 responses to “Dresses, A Retreat, Random Stuff

  1. You are clever! Dress is amazing..as are the quilts..and the shorts! xxx

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