Pant Fitting and Indecisiveness

Hey there!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Work and getting my two youngest children ready and off to a new school year – which began last week!

New ideas and projects floating around in my head for the home, for my family and me!

First, Hubby and I are going to build pallet furniture for our patio (first time)! I will undoubtedly sew all of the cushions for the seating! Here’s a pic of our outdoor fabric choices…

The walls on the patio are yellow and trim is white. Thinking either the striped or textured for seat and back cushions and throw pillows from the others.

Next, my baby girl (middle schooler) likes pants from the 70s, because of fit (higher waist) – Love her! She commissions Mommi to make her pants – how cool is that?! Here’s her pattern that she likes…

Oh, and that’s her blouse pattern. She’s a pretty cool kid!

Onto one of the main topics: I purchased Pant Fitting Techniques with Sandra Betzina from Craftsy a while ago, and am now ready to begin the class! I always watch the classes through first, and then proceed. Can’t wait to delve in – excited to know how to address issues of pant fitting for my changed body.

I need your feedback on this one!

It’s a challis that was given to me from a sewing friend’s stash busting weekend! I’m leaning towards lounge pants for work! What do you think…pants or top? Or, dress?

Happy Sewing!


2 responses to “Pant Fitting and Indecisiveness

  1. You’ve given me too many choices – pants, top or dress! I can’t decide! I bought that course too along with a couple of others, one with Janet Pray and one with Joi Mahon. Let me know how it turns out!

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