Fabric Haul In The Post

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

  My birthday was in April.😏 

My Mom’s friend (who knits and sews) was de-stashing her fabric and I was the happy recipient of 2 bins of fabric. My plan was to fly home (although I’ve lived in Florida for 15 years, Chicago is still ‘home’), anyway, I was going to pack and ship to myself…but, that did not happen. Mom wanted me to have something, so she picked a few to fit in a flat rate box and sent (what you see pictured).  The orange squares/diamond print might be a challis; the yellow floral is flow-ey, maybe a challis?; purple/white floral is a knit; grey is a knit; the pink is a silk blend; and that lovely tropical print is a woven blend of sorts.

I’m happy! Thanks Mommi!



2 responses to “Fabric Haul In The Post

  1. Don’t you just love getting free sewing stuff!

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